Thursday, December 13, 2018
Balanced. Carbs, Protein/Dairy, Veggies (a tsp full in the noodles).The coffee is dessert.
We honor Dr. Martin Luther King today. The office is closed. I'll, of course, be working at home. But I will as always take a moment to contemplate on the work of a great man and go cheerfully back to...
We're doing a new version of our youth model beginning today. CEO Live, with our kids doing their program via Sims 2. Business Access, a technology company, developed the concept.EXCITING!
So great to see my old partners from the childcare provider today. Such gracious and professional people. I'll be excited to be doing some stuff with them again.
As most know, we had to move from our office week before last. Was it only 2 weeks ago? It seems like so much longer.... Last week was so crazy. Because we had such short notice about the move,...


We're starting a new department/team of sorts. Mentoring, Training, Content, Project Management. Will be nice to have some new structure. H is leading. Good leader.
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