Sunday, November 17, 2019
Balanced. Carbs, Protein/Dairy, Veggies (a tsp full in the noodles).The coffee is dessert.
Every year, my colleagues and I participate in a community service day to commemorate 9/11. This year we painted and built fences at a local nonprofit residence facility.My coworkers and I are brain workers/knowledge workers. We stretch and minds...
Barack Obama: ‎"There are no better workers than American workers."On what is he basing this? This is just a statement and has no basis in fact. In fact, there is much evidence to the contrary. Perhaps in the past,...
I am reading this book right now. Having finished chapter 1, it's hard to explain how it makes me feel. The most important thing I take away from Chapter 1 is: "Resources of people should be analyzed before dispensing...


We began planning webinars today.
So great to see my old partners from the childcare provider today. Such gracious and professional people. I'll be excited to be doing some stuff with them again.
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