On one of the message boards I read, someone posted an article about “Passion by Your Sign” (meaning astrological sign).

A couple of my friends are really big on Astrology. Me not so much. I don’t really have a lot of faith in it, though I do think there is some validity based on the science behind the planets and moons at time of conception and birth.

I quit reading astrology stuff many years ago because of  my own personal experience that I call “The Haunting”. A story for another day…Basically, I was advised to never have anything to do with anything supernatural, including astrology.

Thus, I only really know a few things about astrology and relationships:

1.   Libras soothe my soul and make me feel safe and I love them
2.   Leos are hot with me but firecracker kind of hot…burn quick, hard, and short (which is fun, too, in it’s way)
3.   Cancers….please summons up all of your empathy and turn thee away from me!

If I find out I’m involved with a cancer, I refill my valium prescription, buckle my seat belt, and get ready for the roller coaster ride! Diva is also a cancer, so I know I’ll be listening to a lot of young boys crying on the phone and soothing a LOT of broken hearts in the next decade or so. I can already see it coming. One told me tonight that he wants to marry her as soon as they are legal age.  Cancers….they are the legendary lovers and they fill our world with passion!!! (please just shoot me though LOL)

The thing about astrology is that any of the signs predictions could be applied to most people’s lives. I do find some of it interesting, such as the mention of work (important to me) even in an article about romance. I will, however, embrace this lovely prediction of my sign:

Great! Can’t wait to see it….



Success in your work life spills over to your romantic life. You are newly inspired as positive friendships develop and your loved ones express how feel about you. Their encouragement helps you feel more comfortable about expressing yourself romantically.

Spontaneity can be challenging for you in romantic love, but your gifts are many and it’s important for you to appreciate and love yourself so that it rubs off others and attracts the right person.

In recent years, you’ve been hesitant to trust your instincts when it comes to love, but that mindset doesn’t serve you anymore. As you start surrendering to the notion of a one-on-one relationship, the right person will walk into your life. As you let the doors open on your romantic life, your home environment will become sunny and stable, and you’ll find your personal relationships improving.

By the end of the year, your romantic life will have taken on a whole new dimension. You will be singing with joy as you experience intense intimacy with your partner, leaving you content on an emotional level deeper than you’ve ever felt before.

As you expand your personal beliefs, you are also learning to trust others and connect more with the creative energy blossoming between you and everyone you meet — especially your lover!

Great! I can’t wait to see it. (cynic!)


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