In the next 10-20 years, almost all buying decisions will be made by Generation C (the connected generation). Many large-scale buying decisions are now being made by older generations, but many of “us” ¬†are also going to the web and social media for buying decisions. My daughter recently asked me to join a local gym. My first question was “what is their website or Facebook page”.
A point that social media visionary Brian Solis made in a recent interview:
“I want to celebrate the companies that are looking at how social media requires a complete transformation of the business from the inside out. It is companies such as ARAMARK, Dell, and Tyco that realize that the culture of the organization, the vision of the company, the brand itself, must adapt to earn relevance among a new generation of connected customers and employees.”
If companies don’t have a social presence, it’s my opinion that they’re dinosaurs in the way Polaroid was. They will likely die. Business owners need to face that reality.
Gary Vaynerchuck, in discussing how to motivate businesses to use social media, put it far more eloquently than I ever could when he said:
“The smart ones will and they’ll win….and the dumb ones won’t and they’ll lose.”
He went on to say “I don’t really care who wins or loses”.
I do. Get on board, people. Let’s all win.

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