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 The coolest thing in the world is watching brilliance up close and blossoming.

I referenced the year 1943 and said “a million years ago” and Little Guy said, no only 67 years ago.

I’m like, wow how did you add that in your head so fast. He said: “I take the numbers in the (mumble mumble) digits and pretend they’re not there for a minute (mumble mumble) ten digit (mumble mumble) put them back in……….

What is most amazing to me is not that he can do math in his head quickly….but that he can explain quickly how to do it.

After I asked him to explain it a couple of times, he said, “let me give an example” and I said “no, tell me the process” and he said “Mom it will be easier for me and you if I just give you an example”. hahaha! And cleverly diplomatic too, because we all know that it’s me who needs the easy example, not him!

We’ve all always heard about the mystical “mathematical mind”. My stepmother has a degree in math and I’ve heard her talk about it a lot. Like when I was struggling with college algebra and she had to help me.

But I never understood it really, I guess. That it’s like a whole different way of processing information. Seeing how he does things is mesmerizing to me.

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