January 26, 2013 at 11:30PM

You know, the rare person who says that I “have no life” because I talk about politics and social issues and religion all the time rather than do whatever it is they think I should be doing for entertainment (y’all remember that conversation months back?) really don’t have a clue. I have a million things I want to do/read/study every day. There’s not time for everything I want to do. Example: I had a tab up that a young lady (Natalie Smolenski) shared with me. She is an anthropologist and historian who is working on her PhD. She studies “Thoughts on contemporary theology, politics, philosophy, and culture by an anthropologist and historian of religion” and “interrogate some of the major ethical questions facing our complex world.” She just started her blog and it’s fabulous, but off to the side is a blogroll with some links that are just calling to me! I thought y’all might be interested, too. I have to work tonight but am keeping that tab open! http://www.nataliesmolenski.com/blog.html


Writer’s Description: In my own spiritual/ethical practice, I frequently encounter the following paradox: The lower the stakes seem to be, the easier reaching a higher standard in a given practice becomes. In this post,…


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