I stumbled upon this article and loved it. YMMV on the details, but most of all, I am totally on board with her idea of kids learning life skills by packing their own lunches (individual items have already been assembled in advance by Mom or Dad).
The more they can do for themselves, the better. It’s good for you, but even better, it’s good for THEM. It instills an automatic thinking pattern of relying on self. I’d even carry her plan a step further and have them participate (and eventually DO) the Sunday night prep.
  • Sunday night Mom or Dad assembles the sandwiches, bags of desserts, beverages, etc…and has them ready to grab.
  • Choose sandwiches that freeze and thaw nicely. Wrap in foil or freezer bag. I personally would saran-wrap them and put them in those little handy sandwich boxes. Less long term cost and they travel better.Yes, they DO freeze and thaw nicely. 
  • Each morning, the child packs his/her lunch by grabbing a sandwich from the freezer, a dessert  bag, a beverage, piece of fruit from the fruit bowl, etc…
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