If you use Audible.com, are you aware that your credits expire after a time?

In browsing last night, I had a moment of puzzlement when I realized that I had been seeing “12 credits” for a while. I went digging in the FAQ and sure enough….I have a plan that buys 2 credits per month, and will carry over up to 10!

Basically a credit is 1 book. I’ve bought a few over the years that require 2 credits. So…I sent a strongly worded information request, and they informed me that I had lost 27 credits over the years, and that they were happy to reinstate them.

I’m dumbfounded. I pay about $11 a credit. Bought and paid for, every single month, for years, and they should be mine until I use them.

I did, however, decide that I need to use those credits NOW. Just in case they were to get snatched away again (on the 1st). I have a fully loaded library….probably a year’s worth of audiobooks!

I promised them “bad PR” if they didn’t give me satisfaction, so let me be QUICK to give them some good PR. They addressed my concerns immediately and resolved my issue by reinstating my lost credits.
Still a bad policy, in my opinion, but I greatly appreciate their good customer service. Thanks, Audible!
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