Anne Rice is one of my favorite ladies and is most certainly one of my favorite all-time authors.

Anne developed a reputation early on for being a very approachable and responsive celebrity author. As a matter of fact, I sent her a fan email in the early days of the internet, and to my shock, she sent a long and thoughtful response. The nature of her books resulted in a type of cult following with….well…many people who may be fairly considered to be unsettled. So putting herself “out there” as she has done was somewhat of a risk (she assured me on Facebook that she has a full time security detail…yes, I stalk her).

She’s been a bit of a phenom in social media. Her Facebook Page has a huge following with high fan engagement and fiery debates.. She discusses politics, religion, gay rights, history, literature, and basically, anything of interest to her.

In the video below, she discusses how she manages her page (herself), and even gives a bit of a tutorial on Insights and other Page features.

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