As a reminder, the photo of the rustic shed is a stockpile of old wood we have in the pasture. Much of it is rotting, but I don’t mind digging for the good pieces. A month or so ago, I went and spent some time finding some decent pieces to build bookshelves from for my home office. The other photos are different views of the shelves I’ve been building in my office over the last few days.

Here’s a tip I learned halfway through. Put the brackets up first. Then lay the boards on top and screw them onto the brackets from the bottom. Much easier than trying to maneuver the boards alone. The brackets are the ones at Home Depot that are a couple bucks each.

I never said it would be elegant — I said it would be DONE. Want elegance? Call a carpenter. Want done and free? Call a resourceful single mom! I’m delighted with them.

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10337757_10151993728322665_9025900170445527902_n - Copy

1513669_10151993728392665_8322265669201847259_n - Copy

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