Every year, my colleagues and I participate in a community service day to commemorate 9/11. This year we painted and built fences at a local nonprofit residence facility.

My coworkers and I are brain workers/knowledge workers. We stretch and minds and creativity to the max nearly daily and it comes with it’s own kind of exhaustion, I think. But this physical stuff? Wiped us OUT. I came home….crawled straight to the bed….slept a fitful sleep for 2 hours (the blissful thing being the unexpected roar of thunder and pattering of rain…relaxing). Whew.

I cancelled my date (rescheduled for Monday and I SWORE I would not cancel again), put on my pj’s, made a quick and easy dinner, and will go BACK to bed soon with my A.S. Byatt book.

We painted and built fences mostly. I ,being not much of a painter, was convered head to toe. A few of us dug a trench of sorts. It was hot and humid. But what a rewarding day. Giving back with the reward being just knowing you’ve given back. Nothing like it!

I do so hope that this day becomes forever a day of service, and not, someday, another 3 day weekend.

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