I love Twitter. My main use of it, as indicated in Why I Use Twitter, a short post on my other blog, is for finding and sharing news and information. Now I’m not a power-user. I don’t tweet prolifically. I re-tweet other people’s stuff probably twice as much as I actually tweet original stuff. I know people who seem to tweet their every emotion as it occurs, pumping out dozens or hundreds of tweets per day. Not me. But it’s the most valuable tool in my tool box. This article by Business Insider gives some reasons why you absolutely need to be on Twitter.
So….I was delighted to run across THIS Social Media Today article: 5 Cool Ways of Using Twitter in Classrooms. It’s been my observation that my teacher friends have less “screen time” via a computer than I do. I mean…they’re teaching in a classroom all day long, not sitting behind a computer.
Some of my take-aways:
1. Expand Learning Possibilities
Example: Monica Rankin (University of Texas-Dallas) has students tweet their questions during lectures for greater engagement. This is similar to the way we tweet questions during political debates.
2. Build Writing Skills. Nothing like Twitter to show kids how to say what they need to say in VERY few words!
3. Summarize what they’ve learned in class. The article suggests having students tweet a summary of what they have learned prior to the end of class and sharing questions to be considered for the next class. Other ideas include stories and poetry, creative writing, microreviews of movies, and more.
4. Have them tweet ideas and quotes from their favorite historical figures.
5. Updates. Live tweet and share photos of what’s going on in the classroom or on field trips.
6. Research. Teachers can introduce students to #hashtags to show them how to stay up on what’s important to them and how to conduct research.
5. Improve Classroom Efficiency Teachers can set up a Twitter account dedicated exclusively to due dates, tests or quizzes, post links to the syllabus and other supplementary materials.
6. Encourage parental engagement. 
8. Use Twitter to discuss films and documentaries or books to check out at home.
But be sure and read the whole article for tons of great ideas!
Your ideas???
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