I stumbled across this article that validated what I’ve been knowing for years. Thrift stores are the bomb! For certain things…..

The author of the article buys:

  • housewares
  • jeans and clothes
  • collectibles
  • furniture
  • books

Things I love to buy at thrift stores:
Books, but not for the same reason as the author. 
She buys them for her personal library (they actually read them). Well, we do some of that too, but many years ago, I supplemented our income by selling rare and old books on eBay. People who work at thrift stores aren’t experts on book value, and usually, all books are priced the same. For example, 50 cents for paperbacks and $1 for hardcover. So when I found rare ones, my profit margin was huge.

Little Guy’s jeans
Diva doesn’t find a lot of stuff she likes at thrift stores. To be honest, you can find good deals, but you really have to sort through a lot of junk to find that rare clothing find. But for little boys, who outgrow their clothing quickly, thrift stores are the perfect place to shop. I know that my little guy outgrows his jeans before he wears them out. I can buy him jeans at the thrift store for $3-$5, and they’re usually very nice ones. Also, shirts. This summer, I completely built his wardrobe on thrift store items. I ran across a stash of casual but cool and funky t-shirts and bought him about 10 for $2 apiece. Cool clothes for nearly nothing.

I agree with the author. There is NO better place to go for housewares than the thrift stores. I’ve not bought a lot of appliances there, but our 4 slice toaster (we’re going on 10 years with it now) was a thrift store find. Right now, due to everyone buying flat-screen TVs, the thrift store is the place to go for good quality tube TVs if you just need an extra TV for the garage or somewhere. I’ve seen them for $25.

What are the good thrift stores? It depends where you live. Living in a huge metroplex as I do, there is an abundance of thrift stores.
Salvation Army
Texas Thrift
And the little corner, independently owned ones

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