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Whether you’re a newbie freelance writer or a professional blogger, one of the greatest ways to build your portfolio is through guest blogging. Not only does it give you a great amount of exposure, but you can alsomake money in the process!

It’s a total win-win situation. That’s why I always emphasize the importance of guest blogging for freelance writers.

What is Guest Posting:

Guest posting means writing an article for someone else’s blog. This is an awesome way to get publicity for your own blog as most bloggers let you have an author blurb with a link back to your own site.

And if you’re not a blogger, it’s still a great way to build your online presence (which is essential for a freelance writer).

There are several blogs that pay a hundred bucks or more for a quality guest post.

Here are some of them:

1. ListVerse:

This website is all about lists. You can create a list about literally anything; the funnier, the better. They pay $100 per article. Your list must have at least 10 items and must be a 1000 words long or more. They also feature a contributor bio with a link back to your own blog.

2. The Greater Good:

This is a really great blog that publishes articles based on health, family, life and work with a mix of scientific proof. Their main focus is on well being and happiness. They pay up to $625 for feature articles and $75 for book reviews. They also feature contributor byline with links.

3. Photoshop Tutorials:

This blog pays $150 to $300 for full-length Photoshop tutorials. For shorter ones, the pay is $50. The blog also features your contributor bio with a link back to your own blog.

4. iWorkWell:

This is an HR blog, so if you’re an HR expert, you can check it out. They pay $200 per article and also feature a contributor byline.

5. A Fine Parent:

A Fine Parent focuses on practical advice for working parents. They pay $100 for a 1500-2500-word post and allow a contributor byline with links.

6. Your Online Biz:

Your Online Biz is about marketing strategies. If you know how to launch a product or how to market it, you can share your tips here and get paid $100 per post. However, this blog doesn’t feature an author byline.

7. Cracked:

Cracked is one of the best humor sites on the web. They have a “secret” online contributors’ area where you can pitch your ideas and if you’re approved, they publish your post and pay you $100 for a full length article or $50 for a quick fix.

8. Howl Round:

This site publishes articles based on American theater and playwrights. You get paid $150 for a 1500-2000 word article.

9. UXBooth:

This blog focuses on user experience and interactive designers. They pay $100 per post and you get an author bio with a link back to your own blog and Twitter profile.

10. Cosmopolitan:

Cosmopolitan is currently looking for bloggers to share their funny/crazy college experiences. They pay $100 for a 800-word article. They also feature a contributor byline.

11. Babble:

Babble focuses on telling the truth about parenting and “to explore the world of parenting with ruthless honesty, humor, and lyricism.” They’re looking for unique and unconventional opinions about parenting. They pay $100 for essays and over $750 for well researched articles. They also feature a contributor bio with links.

12. Drop Zone:

This is a skydiving blog that publishes articles on training, equipment safety and industry related subjects. You can get paid up to a $100 per article depending upon your expertise. You also get an author bio with a link back to your own blog.

13. Model Railroad Hobbyist:

If you’re a model railroad lover, you should definitely check out this site. They typically pay $230 per article. However, if you write a well-researched article with a lot of supporting media, you can get paid a $1000! They also feature a generous contributor bio with your photo and a link back to your site.

14. Transitions Abroad:

This is a travel blog which publishes articles related to studying, working or living abroad. They pay $150 for detailed articles and $50 for shorted posts. They feature a two-sentence author bio with one link.

15. Sierra:

Sierra is a blog about “environmental and conservation issues, adventure travel, nature, self-propelled sports, and trends in green living.” Their lowest pay rate is $50 per post but you can get paid up to a $1000 for detailed posts. They also feature an author bio with links.

16. WPMUdev

If you can write detailed WordPress tutorials, this is the place to go. Their minimum pay is $200 per post and they pay $500 for detailed articles. You also get a contributor bio with links.

17. A List Apart:

This blog is for web professionals and accepts articles on subjects such as design, code and content. They pay $200 per post and feature a contributor bio with a photo and links.

18. Flash Mint:

Flash Mint is looking for flash developers to contribute articles based on topics such as Animation, ActionScript, Flex and Flash. They pay $150 per article and feature a short author bio with links.

19. WOW! Women on Writing:

This blog is for women writers, by women writers. The site focuses on topics such as publishing, writing, reading and journalism. You should write articles on topics such as writing tips, how-to pieces etc. They pay$150 for 3000-word posts and $50 for shorter articles. They also feature a generous author bio with links.

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